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Categorized under: why is it doing that?  Remember that story back in 2002 where a coyote hopped on a commuter train in Portland?  Now they’re evolving! Growing and adapting to their new environs.

PORTLAND, OR — Authorities reported on Wednesday that a wild coyote was chased off the tarmac at Portland International Airport. The traveling prairie pooch, realizing that it wasn’t welcome to fly the friendly skies, proceeded to the Tri-Met Airport Terminal Station where it boarded the light-rail train bound for downtown.

After being refused airport service, traveling canine "Wiley" decided to take the Red Line train bound for downtown Portland.

The big bad coyote…er a make that a coywolf?  Coyotes and wolves, are mixing it up in the Eastern US–hybridizing themselves into a new species–punctuated evolution style.  “Word up dog!”

…mixing of coyote and wolf genes allowed the animal to rapidly evolve larger, more powerful jaws, better adapted to preying on whitetail deer.

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