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A new video shows a UFO that appeared to witnesses “as bright as a second sun” crossing the skies over the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake Washington on the evening of Monday, June 27, 2011. The event was just one in a series of ongoing sightings that occurred during the previous four nights, captured in both visible light and infrared night vision using a stereo camera imaging system. The video also shows lights on Mt. Adams accompanied by mysterious flights over the peak, a UFO that disappears in mid-air while flying in clear skies, witnesses using lights to engage luminous vehicles, orbs swarming around a low-flying UFO and incredible acceleration when what appears to be an inter-dimensional spaceship makes a rapid exit.

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London UFO–is it real?

A new viral video making the rounds on the Internet purports to show what’s been dubbed a “mothership” and at least three separate smaller alien spacecraft filmed in the skies over London.

The most famous video (which was taken anonymously and is one of two or three versions in circulation) shows a large glowing white oval moving in and out from behind clouds over the course of about 20 seconds, and then zooming off, with three white dots also making an appearance. — Space.com


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Categorized under: why is it doing that?  Remember that story back in 2002 where a coyote hopped on a commuter train in Portland?  Now they’re evolving! Growing and adapting to their new environs.

PORTLAND, OR — Authorities reported on Wednesday that a wild coyote was chased off the tarmac at Portland International Airport. The traveling prairie pooch, realizing that it wasn’t welcome to fly the friendly skies, proceeded to the Tri-Met Airport Terminal Station where it boarded the light-rail train bound for downtown.

After being refused airport service, traveling canine "Wiley" decided to take the Red Line train bound for downtown Portland.

The big bad coyote…er a make that a coywolf?  Coyotes and wolves, are mixing it up in the Eastern US–hybridizing themselves into a new species–punctuated evolution style.  “Word up dog!”

…mixing of coyote and wolf genes allowed the animal to rapidly evolve larger, more powerful jaws, better adapted to preying on whitetail deer.

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